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Día de Muertos en Baja California.

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Happy birthday to Maddox!  He turned 1 year old on July 5, 2014. Here he is enjoying his birthday “cake” - 

Veganism is the Next Evolution (VINE)


What a sweet baby!

please go vegan so these babies can be saved

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it’s more green/darker in person but !!

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Everyone needs to stop dicking around and seriously do something about this. This is a wide spread matter. If you think honey bees dying out won’t effect us in any way, you are dead wrongEveryone can do something, ANYTHING, to help. Sign petitions. Boycott. Let government know that this is a serious matter!! If you are a farmer or know someone spread the messages to STOP using insecticides/pesticides and gmos!! Let everyone know!! THERE ARE BETTER ALTERNATIVES. They are bad for us as well causing serious health problems!  NOT ONLY THAT BUT BEES POLLINATE MORE THAN JUST FLOWERS!! MOST OF THE FRUITS AND VEGETABLES WE EAT AND MANY OTHER FOODS. YOU WILL NOT HAVE THEM EVER AGAIN THE SAME WAY WITHOUT THE BEES. COCOA = CHOCOLATE. BEES HELP POLLINATE COCOA. THINK ABOUT NEVER HAVING CHOCOLATE AGAIN. JUST THINK ABOUT THIS. So please!! Everyone! Spread this message!! You CAN make a difference!!

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