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→ Much of My Faith


by Petra Magno & Gian Lao

Much of my faith, I put
in high places. Heaven
notwithstanding. I loved,
once, a tall girl. Would
tiptoe, at times,
to see her better
from afar. To kiss her
was a world-record feat:
I’d get light-headed at
the altitude. She loved me
too, I think. The way God
touches all…


Beehive Heart

written by Petra Magno

Petra is probably one of the best, most interesting people I know, and it’ll be a bummer to see her gone. She’s leaving for New York and I’ll miss her so.

Background on this comic: We were hanging out in a coffee shop. Petra was trying to explain how she was dealing with being diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. Somewhere in that conversation we came up with a metaphor for how othe people have gardens inside them and she has a hive of bees for a heart. She decided to write a comic around that. And here we are. 

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